HR Impact can provide your organization with the best suited payroll services, from a wide selection of accredited vendors, which will improve your payroll management.

“HR Impact assists you in getting more than just checks... we give you checks and balances.”

Following a detailed review and the selection of a payroll vendor, HR Impact works to ensure that payroll services are provided with a solid foundation of customer service, innovation and a proven process.


    At HR Impact, it is our goal to make quality customer service a routine event. There is no better way to ensure the successful delivery of payroll, tax, and other related services than through consistent attention to detail and reliable high-quality service.


    Success, in any business, can only be maintained with constant innovation and improvement. At HR Impact, innovation can be found in our continual review and assessment of the new technologies offered by the most productive payroll vendors.


    In terms of process, our focus is reflected in our unique 4-step methodology for payroll service engagements:

    Assessment of business needs
    HR Impact works directly with you to learn as much about your business and your needs as you do. We look at everything you would expect us to look at and a few things you might not, including: Internal Pay process, Overall business procedures & tax structures.

    Design development and customization
    We work with the selected payroll provider to develop a completely customized package of payroll and tax processes for your specific needs, utilizing the latest information technologies wherever possible and appropriate.

    Implementation through integration
    We work with the selected payroll provider to integrate your business processes with their services and technologies in a seamless transition, no matter how difficult the timing is or how complex the system that is needed.

    Validation of Performance
    HR Impact will go the extra mile to ensure that the systems implemented not only work from day one, but that they also continue to perform well and are continually improved upon.

“We work with selected vendors to handle the ongoing and time-consuming tasks of payroll inputting, processing and tax filing... so each of our clients - regardless of size - can focus on its essential business activities.”