HR Impact is a Human Resources, benefits, and compensation consulting firm established in 2000, with proven results assisting clients in areas such as:

  • Employee Benefit Program
    Implementation and Administration
  • Employee Communications
  • Executive and Board Compensation
  • Human Resource Employee
    Administration and Outsourcing
  • Payroll Administration
  • Executive Search
  • Corporate Culture Assessments
  • Government Compliance.

HR Impact has a full suite of services designed to help your organization effectively and appropriately administer the functions of Human Resources, while offering employees the tools and programs that are attractive, efficient, effective, and consistent with the overall business strategy and corporate culture.

“Attractive compensation and benefit programs help an organization recruit and retain key talent. Cost efficient tools and programs allow an organization to invest in its employees in a financially responsible manner.”

Organizations with effective programs get more "bang for their buck" in providing employees with competitive compensation and benefit/perk rewards programs, that are consistent with the overall business strategy and corporate culture will help foster the employee behaviors an organization desires.

HR Impact's mission is to consistently provide the highest level of customer service, while bringing unique and innovative concepts to the forefront, all at a reasonable fee designed to meet your organization's financial structure. It is paramount that the team we represent is positioned in the best light to their organization's senior management as well as to the company's employees.